Verizon vtext Emails Blocked

In reference to HAI > Ardunio > PHP > Email > SMS

I noticed that my garage door wasn’t sending me messages anymore. Arduino was powered up and everything appeared to be connected properly. I changed the email address where the notifications go to and sure enough I received the message. I changed it back to my vtext address and I didn’t receive anything. I emailed my vtext address from Gmail and that worked.

I called VZW and explained to them that they must be blocking my server. I told them that my “Alarm Panel” sends me notifications to my vtext address and I am no longer receiving them. When I use another address it works.

My troubleshooting steps clearly indicate its an issue with vtext and my server but that was over their head and told me I should contact my “Alarm Panel” company.

The Solution

1) Send notifications to Gmail
2) Create a Gmail filter

Matches: from:(
Do this: Skip Inbox, Apply label "HAI", Forward to

3) Profit