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Lenovo Yoga 2 Disabled WiFi Hack

I decided to dual boot my Lenovo Yoga 2 (PN: 59408081, non pro) with Ubuntu & Windows 8. I ran Ubuntu off a USB stick as a LiveCD and my wireless network was disabled. I didn’t think anything of it right away and booted back into Windows. Oddly enough it was disabled in Windows too. I ran the Intel wireless diagnostic tool and it told me that the WiFi hardware switch is off. I thought easy enough, I looked through my functions keys several times and all the around the machine, no WiFi switch. Then a quick Google search reveled the answer, Ubuntu is using a wireless module that believes the machine actually has a wireless hardware switch and sent the WiFi module the hardware off command with no way to issue a hardware on command. All of the fixes online pertain to the Pro addition and those “fixes” did not work for me. I’ve spent hours looking for the fix that pertained to this model.

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Verizon vtext Emails Blocked

In reference to HAI > Ardunio > PHP > Email > SMS

I noticed that my garage door wasn’t sending me messages anymore. Arduino was powered up and everything appeared to be connected properly. I changed the email address where the notifications go to and sure enough I received the message. I changed it back to my vtext address and I didn’t receive anything. I emailed my vtext address from Gmail and that worked.

I called VZW and explained to them that they must be blocking my server. I told them that my “Alarm Panel” sends me notifications to my vtext address and I am no longer receiving them. When I use another address it works.

My troubleshooting steps clearly indicate its an issue with vtext and my server but that was over their head and told me I should contact my “Alarm Panel” company.

The Solution

1) Send notifications to Gmail
2) Create a Gmail filter

Matches: from:(
Do this: Skip Inbox, Apply label "HAI", Forward to

3) Profit

HAI > Ardunio > PHP > Email > SMS

The Goal:

Receive alerts on event based actions (i.e. garage door opens)

The Problem:

HAI makes you purchase their Windows Home Server to receive email or text message notifications. This would be fine if I had a use for the rest of the plugin. Which focuses on web based control, video recorder, lighting & audio control.

WL3 for Windows Home Server Add-in

The Solution:

Send a message from HAI to Arduino via Serial then have Arduino call a webpage that will notify me.

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